Edi and the Wolf


section h2 Starters .item h3 Pickled Vegetables p Seasonal Assorted Pickles .price 5 .item h3 LIPTAUER & PUMPKIN SEEDSPREAD p Farmer's Cheese, Paprika, Pumpkin Seed Oil .price 6 .item h3 BABY BACK RIBS p Homey & Beer Glaze, Bacon Slaw, Mustard .price 16 .item h3 SUMMER WATERMELON SALAD p Arugula, Feta Pistacchio, Balsamic .price 13 .item h3 CHICKPEA CROSTINI p Cherry Tomato Tapenade, Homemade Ricotta, Grilled Peaches .price 15 .item h3 FLATBREAD p Ratatouille, Creme Fraiche, Gruyere .price 14 (Speck 16) .item h3 SEARED OCTOPUS p Romesco, Marble Potatoes, Chimichurri .price 16 .item h3 CHEESE PLATTER p Three Cheeses, Lingonberry, Pumpkin Seeds .price 13 section h2 Schnitzel & Co .item h3 Wiener Schnitzel (heritage Pig) p Potato Salad, Cucumber Salad, Lingonberry Jam .price 22 .item h3 Braised Short Ribs p Carrot Cardamom Puree, Chanterelle, Spinach .price 28 .item h3 Free Range Chicken Breast p Fava Bean Pesto, Gnocchi, Wax Bean .price 25 .item h3 Icelandic Cod p Cherry Tomato, Potato Confit, Saffron Fumet .price 27 .item h3 SpƤtzle p Grilled Corn, Summer Squash, Fried Onions .price 19 .item h3 Ricotta Ravioli p Heirloom Tomato, Gremolata, Parmesan .price 22 section h2 Sides .item h3 HOUSE MADE POMMES FRITES p Bacon Aioli, House Ketchup .price 8 .item h3 GRILLED MIXED VEGETABLES p Lemon Herb Veloute .price 8