Edi and the Wolf



At Edi & the Wolf, guests are invited to experience Gemütlichkeit, a sense of conviviality and cozy intimacy that comes from the temporary surrender of everyday responsibilities. The décor draws inspiration from a “Heuriger‟s” humble design, using reclaimed barn wood to create a rustic wood-slated ceiling and adorning the space with antique items, including the Victorian military boots that serve as flower vases.

The restaurant‟s centerpiece is a 40-foot rope salvaged from an old church, which has been twisted with lights to fashion a “chandelier” that now hangs above the distressed copper bar. Edi & the Wolf would not be possible without the help of many creative and dedicated minds, all of whom are important to the spirit of “Gemütlichkeit”. Among the crew members who have supported the restaurant‟s inception are designer and architect Phillipp Haemmerle and Justine Parsons, project consultant Carlo Huber, contractor Joe Goetsch (Innsbruck Renovations llc), and Laura Tribuno.